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How you do one thing, is how you do everything…




I believe in a holistic approach to health.
Health is not just about what you eat and how much you exercise,
but about how all the components of your life—
your relationships, values, stress, work, finances
are interconnected.

Learning to listen to your body and trust yourself has implications not only for your physical health,
but for all aspects of your life.


What is your relationship to food?

Is it a torrid and rocky affair with lots of break-ups and make-ups?
A love-hate relationship? Is your relationship to food something that feels forbidden— an affair you have to keep secret? Is it stressful and anxiety provoking? Is it an epic battle between good and evil? Or, perhaps food is your best friend?

Do you want to live your life free from worries about food?

Now, imagine a time when you are able to eat when you are hungry and stop when you feel full. You freely enjoy the pleasure and taste of what you eat and honor your body and it’s needs.
I will help you work through the internal barriers in your life that are preventing you from attaining your goals. I help you clear the path, so you can move forward and LIVE the LIFE you really want.

We all DESERVE to LIVE life more FULLY!

Together, we will explore your relationship to food, and the places where you get stuck. Perhaps you are operating under old thoughts and beliefs that were once useful, but are no longer serving you well.